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sunday on the latest on the debt debt. 10:00 p.m. on sunday. be there. we'll be here. >> good morning, on saturday, july 30th. here is what is happening. little progress in the debt fight after the senate put the house g.o.p. plan on ice but are democrats really listening? we had no one to negotiate with. >> wonder who that is? >> your pizza is ready. >> come on! >> back to square one. >> i think we are. >> the awol soldier screams out
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the ft. hood suspect's name after a court hearing. we hear from someone who trained with naser jason abdo and says he was trouble from day one. >> a rocky start for travelers at two delta planes hit on the tarmac. "fox & friends" begins right now. >> turn your phone off, clayton. trying to get a warning in. good morning, everyone, good saturday morning. >> are you kidding me? >> we got the joke. >> phone still on despite the worst of circumstances. >> do you think someone was fired for that? >> that sums up this whole mess. whose phone is this? where do we town? >> i have a ringing in my ears
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over the debt. >> here is the update if you wonder what happened last night. we now know that what unfolded not house of representatives, the boehner bill passed, with 218 votes. >> that was not as were of a surprise. >> it was a narrow margin, not a lot of insurance votes fore boehner when the bill comes back to the house. what went to the senate was immediately, a couple of hours later, was tabled by the senate and did not have a vote. it was tabled before debated. >> before it arrived, before the bill made it across the chambers, senate members were printing out the bill on the internet, the paper version of it so they could table it before they get the real version of the bill. they wanted to move that quickly. >> they said in the afternoon, harry reid, said it watts dead on arrival.
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listen to john barne. -- john boehner. >> i stuck out my neck a mile. and i put revenues on the table. in order to try to come to an agreement to avert where we are but a lot people in this town can never say "yes." >> it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle put something on the table! tell us where you are! >> the irony is a weeks ago we were talking about over $4 trillion worth of cuts new we are under $1 trillion worth of cuts. senator harry reid on friday night talking about their next step in the senate. listen to harry reid. >> our economy hangs on the balance. for the first time in history unless there is a compromise or they accept my bill, we are headed for economic disaster. it is time for republicans to set up and time to come together
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and compromise. that is what the american people want and what we need to do. >>dave: august 2nd is again the deadline that the government has laid out to the point we cannot pay our bills and we could regardless of the outcome be facing a possible downgrade of our credit which does mean in all likelihood a raise in everything for you and how much you pay for your home and for your car. this is a major weekend for everyone in our country. >> there is a question whether there should be a vote on the reid land and mcconnell said "we are ready." >> we are happy for a simple majority vote or our democratic proposal we are putting forward. >> is that a ... consent? >> that's a consent well be happy to have a vote. >> reserving right to object, this is almost an out of body
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experience. someone suggested we have a 50-vote threshhold on a matter of this magnitude in the united states senate i'm perplexed, mr. president. genuinely perplexed if my friend the majority leader does not want to vet on his proposal as soon as possible. >> interestingly, reid said he is considering the mcconnell plan saying obviously i am focusing on my plan but willing to talk about that, the mcconnell plan that gives obama the authority to raise the debt ceiling. >>clayton: harry reid went to mcconnell said what do you need to make this pass? it is part of the mcconnell plan that gives the president unlimited authority to raise the debt ceiling. the fact we have a simple majority vote up or down was laughable. >>dave: our entire economy waiting in the balance and he want as simple majority vet on
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something of this magnitude as described by mcconnell, an out of body expense. what happens today? tomorrow? today at 1:00 o'clock p.m. the house will vote on not the exact harry reid bill that came out of senate but the identical twin. will that pass? no chance. >>clayton: if that passes, it is in the weeds, if that passes in the house, the mirror bill of what is debated in the senate, we did not know what is being debated in the senate. we don't have the full bill. >>dave: it is $2.2 trillion in deficit reduction and extended the debt ceiling beyond 2012 election the key difference between the house of representatives and senate plan. the senate wants to extend it beyond 2012, and the house wants to have a second vote right around the election time for a second raising of the debt
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ceiling. it is easy to see how congress has such good approval rating. >> obviously we have a few days away from the august 2nd deadline. and now to the rest of the headlines, but, first, this is serious business, folks, this could be a major thing. obviously what will happen with the markets when they open on monday is the question. >> or sunday afternoon when we see the asian markets. fewer than 96 hours left. >>dave: and you want to know why someone voted "no," in the house of representatives, a republicans, coming up in eight minutes. >> headlines. outburst in court from the accused attempted massacre in ft. hood referencing the shooting spree that left 13
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dead. she charged with possessing illegal firearm. the 21-year-old is held without bail because of his awol status and the f.b.i. arrested him on wednesday and found bombmaking materials in the backpack. police and the army say he admitted to plotting an attack. we will talk with a sergeant would trained naser jason abdo and said he was trouble from the very start. >> tense moments on the tarmac in chicago at o'hare, who delta planes clipped wedges while backing away from the gate. passengers evacuated and inspecters looked at the damage "good morning. >> a body found in a well may be the mother of a missing mother. tests are underway to germ if it is her. her husband was arrested on charges of obstructing justice. relatives say the couple had a rocky marriage and james was arrested for battery just two months ago.
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>> the casey anthony murder trial cost taxpayers almost $700,000, based on new tallies from the major ages involved in the case. next in, the judge will decide how much of the bill anthony is going to have to pay. lucky for her she will be rolling in money soon, you have heard reports she has been offered millions for a tv interview, and, now, "hustler," is going to pay her half a million to pose nude if she says yes. she denies they are in talks. those frightening are your head lens. >> and now our chief meteorologist is in ohio at the ohio state fair. the cows are up with you, rick. rick: what a great place,
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state fair season, so we came to one of the great ones, the ohio state fair and people are getting cows ready for judging day. that is what is going on, tons of stuff coming up with all the excitement coming up and weather going on and now the weather maps. big story the last couple of days has been a nonstory, tropical storm don became nothing, unfortunately. folks in texas hopes to get a big storm out of this and get some rain at least. the storm slowed up and they did not get the rain. across the eastern part of the country, across coastal areas, there was some rain but not too far inland but they will take anything they can get the entire state of texas is dealing with the worst drought they have ever had and now the radar, the eastern part of the country will deal with storms.
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it is hot. humid. we will see more storms this afternoon. texas unfortunately is not beginning to get much rain. in the northern plains, big storms, and some this afternoon, and they will be severe, keep that in mind, and across the west, we will continue to deal with storms cross the four corners. and now, everyone is excited about the state fair for the food and this year, those are doughnuts and a burger. and bacon. how is that for breakfast? take a bite. >> rick will be 20 pounds heavier by the end of the show. >> we will not be able to tell him from the cows by 9:30. >> thank you, rick. stay tuned.
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>>dave: republicans passed a bill in the house of representatives and it was tabled in the senate last night. now with three days until a
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possible default democrats pointing a finger at the g.o.p. in the debt debate. >>dave: and now from washington, dc is georgia congressman who voted "no," one of the 22 no votes for speaker boehner's bill in the house. great to have you, congressman. react to something charles krauthammer said on friday. >> they don't have the senate. they don't have the house. i respect what they want to do. i share what they want to do. shrink the government. you cannot do it at point of a gun from half of the congress. it cannot be done under our system. all of us respect the constitution. it is defining the new conservatism. if you believe in it, if that is what you want, respect the constitution, understand its restrengths and win the election in november. >>dave: with that in mind,
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should you let this play out in 2012 not election and let it be a referendum? >> i think back to november of last year and it was clear what the american people said, we have to cut spending and stop this deficit, we have to reduce the debt load, and everyone wants to put it off until the next election. and next year we will get into 2012 and whatever the outcome is, and they will say we need to wait until we get more members of this party or that party. the fact is we have $14 trillion of debt today we have to deal with and the bills we hear about whether boehner or reid or mcconnell, they all have great intentions but talk about the american people and what their proposal is. you share the facts with them saying we spend 150 percent of what we take in and we are asking to borrow $900 billion more from the chinese yet our debt is $14 trillion and it will be $15-plus trillion, what we
3:17 am
were willing to do if return was cut spending a fifth of a penny. >> what would have made you happy? you talk about the american people and they are wondering on tuesday, what will happen to their mortgage payments and interest rates on their credit card and what will happen to treasury bonds they have investments in? what has made you happy in this bill, or another bill? >> that is a fair question. i was a strong supporter of cut, cap and balance that showed we were telling do the right thing now, cut the spending today, and go ahead and reduce the deficit. and we will cap the size of the federal government and shrink it over the next 10 years and pass a balanced budget amendment to the state. because i can tell you washington, dc is not going to live in its means, it has been free spirited for too long i wish the discipline existed. look the past couple of months, amendment after amendment to cut spending on the house of representatives and only a hand will of passed.
3:18 am
there is in willingness or desire. >>dave: as charles krauthammer said you cannot govern from the house of representatives alone. so you should explain to the american people you have won by changing the debate and it is now, how much should we cut? is it up to your constituents to raise the gravity of the situation? we have to raise the debt ceiling and keep the economy running. >>guest: that leads to the compromise. we hear compromise, compromise, compromise. compromise got us in the mess we are in. the conversation i am worried about is in eight to 10 years from now and my 8-year-old says, where do i owe so much money? why is my country in the mess we are in? that is the question i am preparing to answer, today. we owe it to all the children. >> what do you think will happen on tuesday? >>guest: i don't what will happen on tuesday. what i hope happens is we look at solving the problem. as i have said before the
3:19 am
solutions that have been presented by the speaker and mr. reid, they do not amount to the problem that we have, they do not solve the major problem. i'm a math guy, i love math, you put a multiple test out there and you have a lot of solutions but only one is the right answer, and that is why i go back to cut, cap, and balance. the membership were behind it. it is common sense. >> which was tabled in the senate. >>guest: but it is if play, we should not step back from that we should stand firm for the right solution and not yield. >> thank you for joining us. we know you have a busy weekend ahead of you. >> he condemned american society and harassed fellow soldiers. how did the army miss the redding ins surrounding naser jason abdo? this were warning signs from the
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>> and now quick headlines. they have been secret for 36 years but nixon's watergate testimony will be public finally. a judge ordered the 290-page script be released after historians sued for access but not immediately. the government can choose to appeal. and the government moves fast. >> hugh hefner accepting an apology after his manhood's was ripped on live radio. she told howard stern that he wasn't great in bed and she ditched the playboy founder five days before their wedding and he is now seeing two other
3:24 am
ex-playmates. dave? >>dave: great america. awol soldier accused of plotting an attack at ft. hood appeared in court yesterday and was charged with possession of an unregistered firearm and shouted "nadal hassan ft. hood 2009," as he was led out of court. he is accused of trying to repeat the attack after training alongside nadal hassan. my guest says naser jason abdo was trouble from the start. >> good morning. you slept, ate, crawled in the mud right long side naser jason abdo and what raised your suspicion? >>guest: early on he began to be a problem. it was obvious to me, personally, and to many others in our platoon. he would prevehicle -- provoke
3:25 am
conflict. and american soldiers come from a slice of american society so we come from all kinds of different socioand economic backgrounds and religious beliefs but he was incestant trying to convert others and who can so in a way to provoke conflict and he also, we would find many times he would use antisemitic rhetoric and harass a jewish soldier. >>dave: he identified himself more as a palestinian than an american. that he said he would never fight against anyone of islamic faith. why did he enlist? >>guest: i don't, i questioned that, his motives early because
3:26 am
he didn't have the sentiments of american ideals or army values. he wasn't a model soldier by any means. there is a thing that is deception and she very versed in koran literature and i am sure he was aware of that. >>dave: sorry to interrupt. go ahead. >>guest: we are all volunteer, it is a volunteer army, and we swear an oath to serve the people of the united states and to uphold the constitution and we do that voluntarily so he knew that going in and we are engaged in war and the world, certainly not against islam but against radical islamist whose happen to be muslim and he said
3:27 am
early on he would never fight against muslims and there are many different jobs in the military he could have done any number of things but to sign up for the tip of the spear, we kick in the doors and do the nasty business that no one likes to do but someone has to do it. >>dave: it is alarming that nothing was done about this. the question is, is it isolated or institutional problem? time will tell. sergeant, thank you for being with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >>dave: president obama asked the twitter followers to call out republicans on the debt mess but that may have backfired. we will tell you how. [ male announcer ] this is the network. a network of possibilities.
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>> weren't they supposed to be working on this last week? we have exclusive footage of the first meeting last week with the president and boehner. look. look. look. look. one meeting to break the ice. look at the second meeting. they are not doing anything. >> that would be more effective. >> when dave and i meet in the office sometimes, air hockey. >> dave is fired up. got your twitter and tablet going. >>dave: we are engaged in a few twitter battles this morning. we will get to them later. but, first a twitter battle the president started on friday. he has his own twitter address if you are not aware.
3:32 am
and he got involved on friday and he said to the american people he wants you to call your congressman but he said he wants you to tweet your republican congressman and senators and gave all of their twitter handles and people felt this was spam, inundated with obama tweaks. >> in your stream and people were fired up about that saying i don't want to jump into twitter and sea my streams. what happened? there are reports that as a result of all of this twitter spam coming from the white house, the president lost 37,000 followers as a result. >> some comments were because of this act they felt they were spammed every five seconds, but also people were annoyed because they are like, look, tell us your ideas. here is one. >>dave: this is what the president tweeted, okay?
3:33 am
tweet your republican legislatures and urge them to support a compromise to the debt crisis and he is talking about a bipartisan compromise but he did not tweet a single democratic congressman or a single democratic senator twitter handle but all republicans. >> and then he says thanks for contacting your legislatures and sticking with us, we are done. we swear. >> according to aides he was the one typing these, typing the first message out and, then, i don't know if he typed all of them but he typed the first one, the first one, senator coats responded and said this. "tweet at obama and ask what his plan is." that was the battle. >>dave: that is the message he is losing, he is not put out a plan to say here is what i want, here are the risks i am willing
3:34 am
to take. vote on it. >> great point because he is the sole media president, social media helped him win the election and to have the backlash, an error in judgment. and now ohio fair and rick has company with him. rick: the owner of this cow. rick: you have been showing since you were little. >> since i was as tall as she. rick: sandy is getting ready for the performance but she likes you. what are you doing? >> today we will specifically groom the animal and get them prepared for the actual show. her show, the judge will evaluate the cattle on different
3:35 am
performance traits and actually how they look. so, in many ways it is similar to an athlete that we focus on nutrition, exercising the animals and grooming. rick: your mom, you are the executive director for the ohio cattleman's association and you are getting the judges ready today to come in here. what do people win if they win the grand prize? >>guest: they win a lot of recognition, it is the prestige more than the money and the award. they are promoting the breeding program so you have judges that are looking for the ideal animal, if you will. rick: what makes the ideal cow? >>guest: the ideal animal as far as benefit, they will look for body type in terms of straightness of line, something that has a lot of muscle and good rib shape because if it is a good female she will be a go producer and go feet and legs and be able to get and and walk
3:36 am
freely and be clean fronted, in other words, a long neck and a very angular shoulder. rick: so like a woman's body, a long neck is attractive in a cow. so this is important for two reasons? >>guest: this is an important part of the ohio beef business and important part of the youth development program. a lot of the kids showing today are in ffa. rick: that is one aspect of the state fair, not just the food. >> we will check back with you, but, the death toll from the norway bombing now at 77 up from the previous total. the latest victim died from wounds suffered during the
3:37 am
shooting rampage as norway holds the first funerals for the victims. this is video of a memorial for an 18-year-old killed on the island. and the suspect has admitted to shooting and the bombing. >> the search continues for an 11-year-old who vanished from her home five days ago. the community leading for the girl's safe return. >> we plead for answers. and and if you saw or know anything at all, however insignificant, come forward now. >> her step dad discovered she watts missing on tuesday morning and he was arrested in 2003 for threatening an ex-girlfriend and in voluntarily committed to a mental institution but he is not a suspect in the case. if you have any information about the little gill, lebanese call -- please call please. >> rifles stolen from a
3:38 am
california military arrest, the a.t.f. said some of the rifles have been recovered, but some suspects are still free. authorities are asking the public for information leading to the missing culprits and they fear they could be sold on the black market. >> america's heroes hits the jackpot winning $1 million from a scratch off, after just returning from iraq while at a baseball game. >> month ago it was hard to afford a fence for the dogs and now we can actually probably help out the shelter where we rescued a dog. >> when he found out he won he fell to the ground and started kissing the pavement. i don't blame him. and now, clayton? >>clayton: one of paula deen's favorite cooks is out with his first book, how to make you into a good chef this summer. john, the co-owner and c.e.o. of
3:39 am
the author and the forward is written by paula deen. >> why go to an expensive network, you can do the recipes in your backyard, smoked prime rib, a signature dish the i will take a six pound to eight pound rib roast. that is one prime dust meat. we will take that and season it up with our seasonings and put red peppers on there. what we have done, we have designed a way to smoke food with no intimidation at your house, recipes you have always had a hard time doing and make them easy, and make them good. >>clayton: just seasoning and red pepper. >>guest: governor huckabee's favorite dib. eat your heart out governor huckabee. and into the smoker. we have smoke going.
3:40 am
look at that. hold that door for me, clayton. >>clayton: i have smelled this before. >>guest: i will take this roast and put it on the bottom rack. notice what i will do here, inside if you hand me the blue glove over there, clayton, what we will do is show you how easy it is to put inside of the smoker, we will take this prime rib and put that robe right in there because in a prime rib you want to have the recipe for the internal temperature at 145 for a medium rare. look, how good does that look? can you get that? right there? that is prime rib at its finest.
3:41 am
>>clayton: we promised macaroni and cheese and we will have smoked macaroni and cheese later. slice some of this up. >>clayton: i can see why this is governor huckabee's favorite meal. >>guest: look at the outside cut? the juice inside of the prime rib? that is as good as it gets. this is a rib in roast so smoke that just a little bit longer. you have all the smoke-infused player, no intimidation factor we are doing it on the streets of new york. >>clayton: we will do the smoked macaroni and cheese, and my good friend, dave, is writing down notess. >>dave: ploy mouth is watering.
3:42 am
>> student body presidents from cross the country telling washington to listen up, saying lawmaker whose cannot compromise are ruining the future of america's students. their message for washington, dc is next. naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends" with quick headlines, incredible video of a cargo van slamming into a bus on long island, new york. sending the bus flying through the walls of a mcdonald's, the driver was drunk and speeding when he t-boned the bus. amazingly no one was seriously hurt. >> "american idol," is highest rating show but jerry lewis bashed the reality shows saying the kids who are on "american idol," are mcdonald's wipe out doing reality tv. all right, i guess he saw all the resumes. >> well, jerry, saying their future is at stake more than 130
3:46 am
student body presidents from universities across the country are calling on lawmakers to end the debt crisis. they laid it out in a letter saying "young people should shoulder the consequences of gridlock during a time that requires bold action, your decisions determine what kind of country we will inherit and your negotiations think of the next generation, not just the next election." joining us from washington, dc, is the student body president at purr do you university talking about this. tell us about the "do we have a deal yet," program, the group. >>guest: we are a group of 130 body presidents representing two million students and our common purpose, what banded us together is shared frustration at the gridlock we see in washington, dc. and we are asking our lawmakers to come together and focus on the next generation rather than the next election. >> do you have ideas? submitting ideas yourself?
3:47 am
>>guest: we are, our main purpose is not specifically to advocate for any single piece of legislation or policy, but we believe that the framework is out there. you have the back of six bipartisan proposal, and, also, the bowls simpson commission that came up where the bipartisan and also battles solutioned to address the problem that not only is alleviating problems short-term but gets the long term security that our generation needs. >> we see the tweets from those watching and they can not believe it is taking until the 11th hour and nothing is happening. how do you feel is far how the politicians have handled the crisis? >>guest: well, as students we certainly do not get extensions in our term papers. and in the sense this is the biggest exam of them all, so, the fact this is a predicted, predictable problem we are facing and we have had a while,
3:48 am
such a long time to focus on this, that certainly is not appeasing to us. >> you have heard a lot of people, two million students in 40-plus states all across the country, you had a phone call with someone, fairly significant person involved in the process. >>guest: correct, we had an opportunity to speak with the president early this weekend on a phone call, and was very encouraging. he reaffirmed what we believe which is that we have the most at stake. and that we need to continue to push forward and have a seat at the table and have our voices heard. >> he is a pretty important guy what do you think it was that encouraged him to have a phone call from you guys? >>guest: we reached out first with our letter and we had a signee that was able to meet with him last week so i-understanding for our argument and, also, the size of the coalition, he acknowledged that,
3:49 am
and we appreciate that, but we are pushing for a bipartisan deal and we are wanting to is a bipartisan discussion with extensive outreach to congressional leaders on both sides of the aisle and especially speaker boehner and we have not received a formal response yet, but we are still pushing forward with that and we hope we have had five minutes of the time and we ask for the same from speaker boehner. >> good hick to you and thank you for doing this, focusing on the next conference rather than the next election. thank you for joining us. coming up a website reveals the agents would they think spearheaded the bishop -- bin laden raid. premiering the revolution by lg.
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>>dave: c.i.a. agent dozen their jobs without the expectation of big paychecks or fame. but a website is trying to suppose an agent, an agent al qaeda would love to find, the one who tracked down bin laden. all mike baker is former covert field officer, good to have you here, mike. give us a breakdown. this give, cook is his name. >>guest: he is a blogger and is writing for a website. there are a lost players involved. what happened, i, sitting on a plane one day, smacking my head wondering what is it about our environment we cannot keep a
3:54 am
secret. part of it is the internet. it allows the unmasking and it is simple now because there is so much information on media sites. but what happened we had a ten year effort by countless people in the intelligence community to track down bin laden, to finally gather up sufficient information to place him in that compound and allow the seals to take him out. huge amount of work. at a certain point you had the photograph of the white house hers, the administration, the ages sitting in there watching the event take place and unfold. the associated press in early july decided it write a story about one of the individuals they claim was very key in the c.i.a. in putting this information together over a ten-year period of time. and they could not help
3:55 am
themselves. they went to the government and said we have a story we with like to run, and the c.i.a. said, well, we don't want you to identify one of agreed not to pt the name but they put lots of pieces about the individual, a key part of the team tracking bin laden down. and then other outfits on the internet picked up on it and noticed they referred to a photo and a blogger picked up on it and said i will take it to the
3:56 am
finish line. >> there are still people out there, agents out there all over the world trying to find the bad guys. what is going on if their mind? >>guest: well, a couple of things. it is tough to do your job if it is clandestine if you think you could be outed whether by the media, whether by the government, if you don't have top cover from the government and they say, well, the rules of the game could change, what was allowed during one administration is going to be looked at differently by a new administration. it makes it very difficult not rules of the game change. but these people in the intelligence community, they do this job day in and day out off the radar. that is the point of a clandestine operation of the work they do. they do not need the recognition and obviously there are people on the other side in al qaeda and other extremist groups that
3:57 am
would love this information. and we cannot seem to treat this in the manner in which it deserves. >>dave: thank you for the insight, mike. and congratulations on the birth of your third son, jack, less than a week ago. >> he is only 11 but called a hero for taking down an entire group of criminals. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen.
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4:00 am
>> good morning on saturday, july 30th. the senate puts the house g.o.p. plan on ice. >> what if they say something to the conservatives out there? i want to tell you how proud i am. >> how do democrats feel? willing to make a compromise? or back to square one? >>dave: the awol soldier accused of a copycat attack screams out the name of ft. hood suspect. how is this guy allowed in the military? >> complaints so loud about kids screaming, is it now a trend from airlines to movie theaters
4:01 am
and restaurants, parents are told to eleven their children at home. but is it fair? we hear both sides of the debate. scream free restaurants? not a briggs' house. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> welcome to the show, nice to see you. >> good to be here. >>dave: a crucial weekend in our country. we are on the edge of an economic disaster and the debt deal, again, headed nowhere. but they will be in session this weekend and this will be more votes. by august 2nd we will no longer be able to pay our bills. >>clayton: what happened last night around dinner and later in
4:02 am
the night, the house voted on speaker boehner's investigation of the bill and he got 218 votes to pass it because they added the balanced budget amendment inside of that, which would force the u.s. constitution to be rewritten and add an amendment to balance the budget and the senate says that is dead on arrival because to amend the constitution takes a long time, well beyond the tuesday deadline. >> the question we have been hearing is, where is the president's plan? where is the democrats' plan? where are the democrats? >> i stuck my neck out a mile. and i put revenues on the table. and in order to try to come to an agreement to avert us being where we are. a lot of people in this town can never say "yes." >> it is time for the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! tell us where you are!
4:03 am
>>dave: that is one point tough to answer back when you are the white house, and you have yet to put out a plan in writing. now, the senate has yet to actually unveil their bill but we saw what essentially is a mirror image of the harry reid plan come out of the senate and that will be voted on in the house today at 1:00 o'clock. this will be vetted down. where does that leave us, folks? square one. we still have nothing. and nothing close to a dole. >> as we talked about, harry reid, although you have competing deals, the boehner bill goes to the senate and it is dead on arrival, no matter what happens there is still the other mcconnell bill, idea, floating out to put all of this in the president's listen. >>clayton: but that will be put together and crammed together, because harry reid
4:04 am
asked mcconnell, what do your goes need to get this done? if that is a portion of the mcconnell plan, maybe that is what with we will see. >> here is harry reid. >> our economy hangs on the balance. and for the first time in the history of our country unless there is a compromise or they accept my bill, we are headed for economic disaster. it is time for the republicans to step forward and time to come together and compromise. that is what the american people want and that is what we need to do. >> here is a breakdown of the difference of the plans, i am telling you with all the changes you can get lost in the weeds. lock at your screen, these are differences the house g.o.p. plan raises the debt did the by $119 billion, and the democrats wanted to push this off until 2013. and it produces a balanced budget amendment. also, i accuracied that earlier.
4:05 am
>>dave: those are the key components that the democrat dozen not agree. but the republicans are not happy with the senate bill saying $2.7 trillion, even $2.2 trillion is not accurate because they are counting money that would expire anyway, that we would have spent in iraq and afghanistan war. so, how do we get a compromise? that is an enormous question because the senate bill will not pass in the house and the house bill will not pass in the senate. we spoke to one republican congressman who said he voted "no," and here is why. >> you hear compromise, compromise, compromise. compromise got us in the mess we are in. the conversation i amer worked about is in eight to 10 years when my 8-year-old daughter says dad, why do i owe so much money. that is what i am preparing to answer. >>clayton: and rush limbaugh
4:06 am
saying early in the week he was saying the g.o.p. were being played like saps and in the end we would see a reid bill with president obama behind it and it would be the democrats' plan. yesterday he came out and congratulated conservatives saying the no votes deserve a round of applause. >> i want to say something to conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. because you made this happen. the conservative so-called media inside the beltway would have exempted anything. yesterday, the day before, and last note, would have accepted anything that boehner put forth because they are operating out of fear, fear of the being blamed. primarily. but fear of other things. the able old fears, the fears
4:07 am
rooted in the mentality of being consistent constant losers. >> this is as the president's approval rating is continuing to slide especially yesterday at 40 percent. >>dave: the president hit a new low of 40 percent on the economic news. the g.d.p. publics over 1 percent growth which is a frightening number and the dow jones industrial average down over 530 points, the worst week of the year. these are intermediate times. what do you want to see? let us know on twitter. >> and this president campaigned on the concept of fixing the economy. a soldier accuses of plotting a second ft. hood massacre is defiant in court. naser jason abdo yelled "nadal hassan ft. hood 2009." referencing a shooting spree that left 13 dead.
4:08 am
he was arrested on wednesday with bond making materials in his backpack. police and the army say he admitted to hatching the plot. >> tests are underway to germ if a body found in a georgia well is that of a missing mom who disappeared from her home in georgia and her husband was arrested on charges of obstructing justice and he is expected to face murder chances. she sent a cryptic message to her relatives the day before she disappeared urging them to take care of her kids. >> at o'hare two delta planes clipped wings. though was hurt but passengers were evacuated so inspectors could look at damage. it was minimal. >> an 11-year-old boy is hailed a hero for thwarting a robbery attempt and capturing thieves who were on a nation-wide stealing spree. police say the four suspects stole jewelry from a 93-year-old
4:09 am
woman in new jersey pretending to have car trouble and distracted her while two went inside undetected but a sharp eyed kid saw it all go down from his window and he told his grandfather who then called police. >> i don't if i would think they do that at 11 but good job by him. >> suspects are in police custody and the operation spanned california to colorado to new jersey and those are the latest headlines. congratulations. >> and now over to rick at the ohio state fair. he is in his element. >> he was what sandy the cow. >> and he has a krispy kreme doughnut earlier. rick: local businesses get involved. a local artist is mailing a sand sculpture the we got a lot of rain last night, can you fix this? >> i hope so, it will take some time. rick: serious rain last night is gone and now the weather
4:10 am
maps, we had a tropical storm that came in overnight, headed toward texas and not causing any significant problems which is good news, the bummer was we wanted more rain out of it but we did not get identity. south texas, a little bit of rain, and a few more showers with humidity if the air which you have not had in texas. the eastern part of the country will see scattered showers and storms today across the ohio river valley and points south we will see the heavy rain and northeast will look better and toward the northern plains, heavy thunderstorm this morning across the far northern plains. and more in minnesota and northern missouri and the four corners, monsoon season is very active so that is great news for the folks there. the heat continues already warm this morning with temperatures in the upper 70's across a lot of the plains and we are still dealing with the heat advisory and we will break all kinds of
4:11 am
records of the number of days above 100 in the south. and now, the food, this year, address' vendors: fried kool-aid. can you believe that? >>dave: i have heard so much. >> that is a trend. >> i have been looking forward to this. >> it is great. good. >>clayton: rick is on a mission, by end of the show he will be 30 pounds heavier. >> the white house says we will default in three days without raising the debt ceiling. that may not be true. we will debate that. ♪
4:12 am
[ slap! slap! slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums.
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4:14 am
>> there it is. saturday and three days left until the deadline for a debt deal. is the united states really in trouble defaulting?
4:15 am
is there a scare tactic? we have professor of business at university of maryland and former chief economist at the trade commission. welcome, peter. the question i ask, is this a scare tactic? the white house and critic says that is what the white house is doing. here is a white house spokesman, jay carney. take a listen. >> one thing coming out is the desire to stand firm and stick the president with default. that is a quote that came out of there. that is, really, incredibly juvenile. is this the idea, who can be blamed for doing serious harm to our economy? should the idea, what can we do to compromise to make sure that doesn't happen? >>clayton: your idea of the default on august 2nd. >>guest: the u.s. government will take in $170 billion and
4:16 am
the interest is only $30 billion, even in the dark of the days greece paid interest. as to who is sticking would, geithner and the president have been telling everyone we will default without a deal. we only default if they decide not to pay the interest because they have the cash to do it. >>clayton: so they have the cash and we hear the stories that apple has more cash on hand than the federal government able to pay its bills or objections. if we have default, would we not pay the bills or have to cut in other ways? do people have to see their social security payments cut in will we cut defense spending? what will happen? >>guest: we have enough money to pay 55 to 60 percent of our bills so we pay interest, social security, that is easy, medicare, medicaid, and against spending. and that is it. everything else would go unpaid. now, that doesn't mean it would
4:17 am
shut down. federal contractors can continue working on the knowledge they would get paid when things pan out. but they have to borrow money from the bank to pay their employees. now they will be paid with interest if the government is late, the government will pay them with interest so this is a big issue in washington, dc and we have looked at it for the local economy, so, we are not going to have as much of a shutdown as the president lets on. >>clayton: we saw a number of stories of the states and how they will deal with this, 36 percent of monies coming into the states come from the federal government, and the states are concerned, they will not be able to do roads projects and have local infrastructure and fire departments and other things. true or false? >>guest: fire departments and thens of that nature are paid for biological revenue. a big chunk of what goes to the states is medicaid and i would think the federal government can bay that if it chooses. that is part of what i said is payable in the 55 percent to
4:18 am
circuit percent but construction projects and so forth, those are vendors and they have to borrow money to keep going. they would be paid the money they are owed, with interest, so largely it depends on the local bank. the state government especially democratic governors want to cry wolf because they are the greek chorus in the game getting the "wall street journal" saying we are facing default and that is just not true. >>clayton: if we do not have a default we will have a downgrade. what does that mean on tuesday for north payments and wallets? >>guest: be clear: we are getting downgraded whether we get a deal or not. you read the s&p report, raising the cap is one benchmark. so we are getting downgraded regardless and the republican is trying to stick the republicans for his bad financial management.
4:19 am
if we look at japanese downgrade, the most comparable situation, because the economy is so large and the federal reserve can manage interest rates we should be able to get through that six months from now without higher mortgage rates. >> you heard it here on "fox & friends", great to have you. >> don't light up with anyone younger than 14 in the car or you pay the price. is this a go idea? turn left. you have arrived. sweet belt. e-reader for textbooks. gps. video camera for lectures. game pad. have you considered this ? it's got all tha and more than 200,000 apps.
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4:23 am
>> $76 billion is how much cash apple has on hand, more than the struggling u.s. treasury which only has $74 billion. next, 9 billion will be on the earth by the year 2050 according to a harvard university study. africa's population will grow by 1.1 billion if that time. finally, $100 million is how much to brand new stealth bomber costs landing vertically and uses a short runway but may never be used because of budget cuts at the pentagon. >>dave: finding a place to light up in arkansas got tougher for five years smoking has been banned in public places and in vehicles where a child under six was present but the age is now raised to 14. so does this go too far? and now, we have a mother and pontiacing expert and a father and radio talk show host.
4:24 am
good morning, both of you. why think anyone will argue about you should smoke in the presence of your children in the car with the ones up, but is it the government's job to tell you what a right and wrong? >> we are not talking about protecting our freedoms we are talking about protecting our children. we all necessity how dangerous secondhand smoke is and our job as a parent is to take care of our children's health and safety first. and for most. >>dave: is it the government's job to mandate that? >>guest: it has been provennen when you bend certain things it changes the behavior so if a parent is beginning to get fined, and i don't think $25 is really enough in california it is $100, it will step parents from smoking in the cars when they realize they could get a ticket like the seatbelt law. >>dave: with not protect our children who do not have a close? it would be lovely if we lived
4:25 am
in a world where pontiacs didn't smoke with kids in the car but that is not the world we live. why not have the law? >>guest: common sense tells me parents should not smoke in front of their children anyway, and no matter how silly we find it it is not the state's responsibility to legislate. there are bigger problems they should go after. i come from a state in florida where deadbeat dads get away without paying child support. so, why don't we put our investment into going after that where it matters? we live in a culture today, where our government feels they have to run our lives and legislate everything for us, and this is just another fowl good for those who do not smoke. paints should not smoke in front of their parents but some think you should not drink in front of your children so will we legislate that, too? >>guest: in ireland and in
4:26 am
wales they will ban smoking in the entire country. so, i would be all for our country banning this, and become a federal issue. >>dave: you are not issuing we go that far? >>guest: why not if it stops parents from smoking in cars where children are present. my brother and i had asthma directly remitted to our parents' smoking. they did not know. we know now. >>dave: last word, then, if we should not pass laws like that should we not pass laws saying you should not talk on the cell phone in the car. >>guest: common sense tells us that smoking in front of our children is in the right thing to do burr there has to be, we have to not get involved in the bond between a child and a parent. and when you have a parent that is trying to do a good job and can they may be smokers that doesn't rise up to me to be something the government should be involved in. >>dave: we will have to leave it there, this is an intriguing
4:27 am
debate and we will continue it on twitter. and we will listen the debate. should we smoke in the car? should the state legislate it? stay tuned. [ male annocer ] using frontline plus
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4:31 am
>>clayton: this is a very important weekend morning. president obama urging compromise in the weekly radio address. congressional democrats and republicans continue to squabble over a plan to avoid default. >> and now live in washington with the latest. >> the senate will go back to work at 1:00 o'clock p.m. if a deal is made in time our they wering is it will be today. if there is a compromise in the senate, for procedural reasons the harry reid would kill his own debt bill and bring back the boehner bill to the floor. he will use that as a vehicle to scrape together as much republican support as possible. and harry reid is expected to gut that boehner bill, but senior aides tell fox they think the fact he is considering the boehner bill means they will like the terms of the compromise he will offer and senator kyl
4:32 am
sounds very optimistic in the g.o.p. address. >> republicans believe we must solve the debt crisis and we believe we can if democrats will work with us. no one will get everything they want. we can't solve all of our problems at once but surely we can reach an agreement that will increase the debt ceiling, impose accountability and reduce the size of our federal government. >> president obama sounds hopeful but says republicans in the house of representatives immediate to quit being so stubborn. >> in washington we need to get our house in order and democrats in congress and some senate republicans have been listening and have shown themselves willing to make compromises now all of us including republicans in the house of representatives, need to demonstrate the same kind of responsibility the american people show each day. >> so, votes are expected
4:33 am
temperature but final passage through both houses if a deal is made will not come until monday or tuesday which is, of course, the last day before the default deadline. >> d-day, default deadline. >>dave: thank you, peter. >> and now, the rest of the headlines, nato airstrikes rocking downtown tripoli as forces try to limit muammar qaddafi's broadcasting capability. three state tv sat lit dishes were taken out and qadaffi has been using state tv to mobilize supporters. despite the bumming state tv is still operating. and among those supporting muammar qaddafi at a rally seen on state tv this week, convicted lockerbie bomber. he was released by scottish authorities in 2009 on compassionate grounds when it was believed he had three months to live. that was not the case. more than 100 people helping in the search for an 11-year-old who vanished from her home in
4:34 am
new hampshire. the community is praying for her safe return. >> we plead for answers. and ask if you saw or know anything at all however insignificant the information is, come forward now. >> her stepfather discovered she was missing and he was arrested back in 2003 for threatening an ex-girlfriend and in voluntarily committed to a mental institution but he is not a suspect. if you have any information call police. >> is the american dream now south of the border? many undocumented workers think is. newly released numbers show 300,000 it legal immigrants have gone back to mexico since 2008 because of the improving mexican economy. mexico's unemployment rate is around 5 percent compared with over 9 percent in the united states.
4:35 am
>> a new jersey middle school will start drug testing students in the fall which is voluntary but the issue is dividing parents of the students. >> they are 11. >> i don't think the children should be drug tested this young. >> listen, kids are doing things today they, that i wasn't doing when i was in sixth grade. >> the testing is random and will screen for five different kinds of drugs. those would test positive have to attend an early intervention program and visit a guidance counselor. 11! what do you think? >> crazy that we have come to that. my high school we did not have that issue and years later we hear from parents the kids were doing drugs at a younger age. >> it is voluntary the they are not forced. >> let us know what you think and we will talk about it. >> and now rick, our
4:36 am
meteorologist, is at the ohio state fair. we and hear him packing on the pounds. rick: i will burn it off, though, we have the timber she, and this amazing show, and well con citizens the 30 minutes into three minutes. this is bruce, you will take this a and throw it and i will it is -- i'm not, not really. there you go, bruce. take your a. >> this is a little freaky. >> one, two, three, go!
4:37 am
nice. young guys win. all right. one last thing, you guys, this log race, or, rather, this logroll. all right. philrick: my guess is someone is about to get wet. this is fascinating. you have a mike on so you better not go in. >> make sure, bruce, you need to win this competition. you are guarding the mike and winning. >> yes, i am, i will be just fine, just fine. rick: guys, serious competition, this is my favorite event so far at the ohio state fair.
4:38 am
do they know i am 57? and getting exhausted! rick: there we go. all right, bruce, gives, when bruce is off of there he will turn this into six chairs. somehow. we will show those to you later on. >> back here with john, the barbecue guy. >> it means it is really, really, really good. >> i had the prime rib. it was wonderful. >> we have our smoked prime rib and this is what you have been waiting for. >> this is why i didn't eat breakfast. >> look at the smoke-infused macaroni and cheese and i get
4:39 am
you a fork. that is for you. >> this is mack can cheese, people, and drunky -- crunchy on the top. >> a lot of people smoke cheese and we smoke cheese on top of the macaroni so you have the smoke infused flavor and the reason people love this cookbook because it is the most versatile become with barbecue sauce going, it has a shot of coffee in it, and you can do it yourself. we have honey. we have soy. vinegar. and a shot of strong homemade coffee or a shot of starbucks. glaze the ribs. all right? so, from prime rib, smoked mack and cheese, and ribs and we cannot complete a barbecue without ... this is why people love ... potato, corn, sausage,
4:40 am
shrimp, all done in a butterball. >> you have the shrimp, corn, the clams. >>guest: that is all you need to finish out the prime rib barbecue and you can they spices in there to season you the water sow can have the cajun flare. that is a deep fried oreo. >> thank you, "fox & friends", for having me on today. thank you for joining us. >>guest: we will eat a lot of food when you come back out. >> absolutely. en right back. >> i will put a smock on you. >> that is why i didn't want to weed the ribs. >> we helping you folks pack on the pounds. >> with your eyes.
4:41 am
stay tuned. purina cat chow helps you well-being. we're all striving for it. nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> a would-be robber meets his match in kansas. the clerk was an ex-marine. he fought off the robber and forced him to run for his life. police are searching for the suspect. >> and a new threat at the jersey shore. stingrays. a 22-year-old man was fishing and stung at island beach state park. he went to the hospital but he will be okay. they have been spotted other beeps in new jersey. >> watch out. dave? >>dave: thank you, residents in nassau county, long island, pay the highest taxes in the united states and now there are talks of raising taxes higher to fund a $400 million hockey arena. and now i have a nassau county taxpayer who is not so happy about this. good morning to you. you have issues out there not just the highest property taxes
4:45 am
in the country but budget shortfalls and major financial issues. what do you feel about, perhaps, footing the bill for $400 million for a sports team? >>guest: it is unbelievable when we have the state government brought in someone to oversee the county finances because we have a deficit and a guy campaigned on not raising property taxes but want dozen redo the stadium that raises the property taxes. >>dave: the owner says they lost $249 million playing in the run down arena and they always say the sports team if you build this you will raise money and profits go up and small businesses make money. do you believe that? they say restaurants, all the surrounding businesses will benefit? >>guest: the old field of dreams argument, this is a mismanaged team for the entire time charles has been there from hiring a goalie and making him general manager. the problem is not the stadium. i have skated the stadium.
4:46 am
the ice is fine the fans like to go through. it is being redone for $400 plus million and costs up to $800 million including the tax burden, and the stadium or a new stadium, tough time, yankees had to lower prices and yankees had to drop season ticket prices it is not a great time to build a new stadium and pay for it. >>dave: this is playing out across the country where counties and cities and states and are being bankrupted and they are asking for special tax breaks. is it a problem for local governments? >>guest: if there was not a stadium, some teams, and they are transitioning but this project, we are talking about moving a minor league team and that could be some net new jobs but other than the construction
4:47 am
jobs the facility exists. convention center, the marriott is right there. so if you add new jobs and new business to the new convention center are taking it from the mayor idea, so i do not see the added value. >> and the problem clearly is attendance, they are not filling the build and i am not sure what regoing it would do but here is the owner. we have a quote from mr. wonk: the office of the legislative budget review looked at it and it will cost, worst case $13.80 a household. it sounds like not much. >>guest: obviously there will be life revenue share, but, a penny is too much. why not have two thirds of it paid for by getting a name on it. why don't the sponsors line up to pick up the dollars? i don't see it adding up and if it was a penny at this point, it is too much. >>dave: for a county that is
4:48 am
broke, yes. coming up, speaker boehner did not make it throughs senate. his bill. stay tuned.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
>> and in the movie, mr. mom, a pittsburgh area restaurant
4:52 am
noticed they were banning kids under six and they got national attention and a wave of support. and now no kids allowed is spreading from everything from hotels to airlines to movie theaters. why are children becoming not welcome? and now, mommy blogger and author of "stop second-guessing yourself guide to parenting," and dr. einstein, author and parent. nice to see you. doctor, convince me because i disagree with my co-host, i think if you are a private business you have the opportunity, can you do what you want, equips me otherwise if i have an restaurant i have to let kids in. >>guest: the vast majority of kids are well behave asked i just met jen's two children who are extremely well behaved at are mine. the paint -- parent has to
4:53 am
decide whether a child should enter. >>clayton: not all parent dozen that, most payments think their kids are well behaved. >>guest: it is not the case i went out for anniversary with my husband after spend the day with the kids and in the we have a nice time at a restaurant and kids were running an at the next table going through a tour of the kitchen to keep them quiet. restaurant owners should be able to make that decision. >>clayton: a private decision, why should the restaurant not have the opportunity? they pay the bills. they are paying their taxes. they can put up a sign that says we want this to be adults only and we do not want kids in here. >>guest: it is bad enough the government interferes with our parenting and the idea that every single restaurant and there are tens of thousands of them, that they can interfere with our painting is crazy. if something is going wrong, they can ask you to leave or ask you to quiet your kids, that is
4:54 am
different but to say you cannot enter? wrong. >>clayton: i can imagine a restaurant owner walking up to a parent, because you did not need the restaurant own are trying to talk with you while you dealing with your kid, how would that go over? >>guest: it does not go over well for the parent would does not control their kids and kids are unpredictable, my kid could accidentally hit the other kid in the head and all hell breaks loose. >>clayton: what about the movie theaters you do not want people to use their cell phones, why is it okay to let children? >>guest: glad you brought that up because the fact is i have seen in movie theaters adult, who are throwing popcorn or being ... i have seen them have to leave. so, the question is, should this be an age issue? why think it should be able. if someone is disruptive no matter their age, they should be asked to leave but i don't think
4:55 am
you should say well because you are a certain age you can't come in. that is ridiculous, some kids are fantastic and you want them in the environment. >> i was in a movie theaterred rated r and someone brought a ten-year-old so there are limits in movie theaters already. >> but people do not enforce them. >>guest: that is right. >>clayton: we will let our viewers decide this debate. doctor, thank you. and you can e-mail us at "fox & friends" and the question is should kids be banned from restaurants and movies? coming up on the show a crucial weekend pore debt talks, fears that in deal could be no social security checks. in pay chokes -- paychecks for the military families. sweetie i think you need a little extra fiber in your diet.
4:56 am
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now, that's progressive. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> good morning, on saturday, july 30th. the senate puts the house g.o.p. plan on ice. but rush limbaugh has a few words for the right. >> want to say something to the conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. >> how do democrats feel?
4:59 am
willing to make a compromise? or back to square one? >>dave: it has happened again, two passenger planes colliding on the runways. details on what happened here straight ahead. >>clayton: classroom connections denied, facebook friends between teachers and students banned. is this a good idea? or the government gone too far. "fox & friends" hour three. is it how three? >>dave: yes, yes. >>clayton: yes, hour three of "fox & friends" this morning. >> we talking about teachers being friends with students on facebook. i don't think it is a good idea. >>clayton: maybe you blur the lines. let us know what you think about that. >> i will put away the ribs and mac and cheese.
5:00 am
>>clayton: never seen a girl eat like this. >> i have had macaroni and cheese and prime rib. >> papa john pizza boxes are stacked up at the capitol hill. >>dave: we are less than three days away from a possible default. some argue we will not default in our obligations but a downgrade in our credit rating is a electrically scenario. what does that mean? that is the question facing the senate domes and senate republicans and the house which got this bill rolling this week. >> the how got the bill rolling but as we her it would be dead on arrival. so, we will hear what harry reid and mcconnell have to say about all of this.
5:01 am
>> we would be happy to have a simple majority vote on our democratic proposal we put forward. >> is that a consent? >> that is a consent well be happy to have a vote if it is a simple majority. >> reserving the right to object this is almost an out of body experience. if someone suggested we have a 50-vote learn hold on a matter of this magnitude here in the united states senate, i'm perplexed, mr. president, genuinely perplexed, if my friend the majority leader does not want to vote on his proposal as soon as possible. >>clayton: you heard a debate on whether they should vote immediately, senate minority leader saying we will put your bill up for a vote right now, and harry reid saying we will do a simple majority vote and mcconnell saying, no 50
5:02 am
50-martha: -- a 50-vote margin bill. >>dave: and he hear -- harry reid does not have the votes. john boehner's bill passed on friday. a slim margin, but how does it differ from the senate? there is a two step process voting again and the 2012 election to raise the debt ceiling again. that kicks in more spending cuts. they added on the balanced budget amendment. and that brought along a few more votes. enough to get it over the threshhold. >>clayton: the house will vote at 1:00 o'clock p.m. on a similar version of the harry reid bill if the house, so a mirror bill and one person involved if that is congressman who was a "no" vote, one of the 22 congressman would voted "no"
5:03 am
again the bane bill. -- against the boehner bill. thank you for joining us, congressman. this is rush limbaugh yesterday congratulating and of the "no" votes, standing firm on this crazy week in washington, dc. take a listen. >> i want to say something to you conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. because you made this happen. the conservative intelligence media inside the beltway, would have accepted anything yesterday, the day before, and last night, would have accepted anything that boehner put forth because they are operating out of fear, fear of being blamed. primarily. but, fear of other things.
5:04 am
the age old fears, the fears rooted in the mentality of being consistent constant losers. >>clayton: congressman, you are fearless this morning without fear because you voted "no." >>guest: i'm really proud of our leadership in john boehner. i was the sponsor of the house passed cut, cap and balance bill and the fact is we made the case with speaker boehner and he allowed us to bring up the vote passing with great support and had support as the democrats and it came back and the speaker said, where are you on his bill and i said i support you but i don't support your bill and he said i understand. there was no arm twisting, no animosity toward me. i could not be more proud of our leadership. i came here to represent the people of utah and stand on principle and i happen to not believe in this bill. >>dave: are the people of utah telling you we did not under any
5:05 am
circumstance want to raise the debt creaming? are the people aware of the implication if our credit is downgraded? >>guest: no, what they want is a solution not a deal. that is why i could not support the latest bill but i supported cut, cap and balance. we voted to raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion but only if we passed the balanced budget amendment. that would solve this problem long term. cut, cap and balance get more republican support and democrat support yet the problem is over in the senate because the moment it is over there they table it. same with the boehner bill, it gets to the senate and it is tabled. it is outrageous the senate will not act. >> you are proud of your leadership and i understand your point in saying that but in a way i can see there are viewers who cringe at hearing that because right now we are on the edge of default or our credit rating taking a major hit and
5:06 am
the economy get terrible news yesterday and the president's approval rating is slow and a lot of members are saying, we are not proud of our leadership. what do you think will happen on tuesday? >>guest: well, when i say that i am looking at what has happened in the house of representatives. the president wanted a raising of the debt ceiling with in cuts. the speaker brought up for a vote by a wide margin it was vote the down. so we had cut, cap and balance and 234 points. and then we passed the boehner bill and the senate is not debitterring these -- debating these things. we are nowhere with the senate. yesterday he talked about cafe standards and harry reid cannot pronounce the name on my bill, and, then, just tabled things without any debate. that is outrageous and the public shut be outraged.
5:07 am
>>clayton: defend the tea party if you read the op-ed pages including the "wall street journal" and "politico" and the "washington post", you are called the debt limit hob its saying the main result of the pointless crusade has been to damage mr. boehner's leverage and push the final increase into mr. reid's direction and this is what rush limbaugh talked about saying that the g.o.p. were being played like saps. >>guest: it doesn't matter what i do so in this case i vote with the democrats i am out rageous but if i voted with boehner, it is a no win situation, i want a solution. first year cuts are only $7 billion. we have a multitrillion dollar problem out here and i wish the balanced budget amendment was attached to the first bill, i didn't come here to go along and get along but to stand on principle and do what i think is best for the united states of
5:08 am
america. dave but you know that cut, cap and balance has no chance. >>guest: they said that before we started. >>dave: what will happen? will the doubt debt be raised? ocean i -- >>guest: i think it will. we have worked in a bipartisan way in the history and they try to put a tea party label on it but that is a cheap way to demonize someone, and we need the senate to do their job and so far they have not. >>clayton: thank you, congressman. bending over backwards. thank you. >> with all this going down it is hard to imagine this would be a deal but everyone says there will be something. >>dave: they do say that. >> we predicted it would happen in the 11th hour. and now headlines. a caribbean airline plane has
5:09 am
crashed and broken in half and 140 passengers were on board and everyone made it out alive. several people remain hurt but in word on how badly. the plane overshot the 400' runway. it took off from new york. outburst to court from the army private accused of plotting a second ft. hood massacre yelling "nadal hassan, ft. hood, 2009," referencing the shooting in 2009 at ft. hood. but there were early warning signs according to our guest. >>guest: early on he was a problem it was obvious to me personally and others in the platoon. he would provoke conflict. he has been charged with possession of a firearm.
5:10 am
he is held without bail because of awol status. when he was arrested the f.b.i. found bombmaking materials. he admitted to plotting an attack. >> police believe a body found in a well in georgia could be that of a missing mother. tests are under way to determine if it is her. her husband was arrested on charges of obstructing justice. he will face murder charges. she sent a cryptic message to a relative the day she disappeared urging them to take care her kids. in word on why two planes, delta planes, clipped wings at o'hare, backing out from the gate when they hit each other. the passengers were taken afternoon the plane so inspecters could check out the damage which was minimal. those are the headlines. >> thank you. and now over to risk -- rick at
5:11 am
the he state fair. he has had fried kool-aid. >> rick? rick: working it off, guys and the vest barely fit when i put it on from everything i have eating. it is not feeling good but it tastes good going down. state fair season, and ohio state fair is great. you can learn how to kayak, they are teaching people enthused about the sport, the fastest growing water sport in the state. so, that is good. and now the weather, there is a lot going on with tropical storm coming across areas of texas. from brownsville, texas, getting rain from don but not enough. they would like to see more than this. the storm hit the dry area of texas and it kind of fell apart quickly, but some of the coast got rain and the humidity is up and we could see a few showers
5:12 am
and storms today. not enough, though, we need a serious tropical storm to break the drought. the driest conditions ever in the state of texas. you can see we have rain across the eastern seaboard and heavy rain including severe weather for the day across the far northern plains. guys? back to you. >> keep working. >> rick is working it off. >> and even has food in the water! >> we need the recipe for fried kool-aid. >> paints -- parents let their kids sleep in the bed but is that risky? stay tuned.
5:13 am
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>>dave: buckle up, folks,
5:16 am
they days until the august 2nd deadline. is this all just scare tactics? >> what will happen to the economy if a deal is not made? neil cavuto joins us to break it down. good morning from the capitol hill. we were joking but we are not really joking, we had many congressmen on and much says despite this back and forth something will happen in the 11th hour, the last little possible second and there will be a deal struck. it seems so unlikely. what do you thing? >>guest: i don't think they will be able to get to the deal. the hours and the logistics and the clock itself running against them. the senate has a number of arcane rules including 3 hours for debate on a given issue so it would be pushed to the end.
5:17 am
it does not mean that we go into default because on august 2nd if we have no deal and the government is looking at a partial shut down, that doesn't mean that taxes step coming out of our paycheck. we are still going to pay taxes. and the government is still going to get $172 billion in the month of august. the problem is and this is the gist of why we are at this crisis point, we spend better than $306 billion a month. i liken it to if you facing a financial hardship at home, a spouse loses his or her job, or there is a pay cut, you look at all your bills, probably your mortgage or rent as a priority to keep yourself in your home, pay your utilities and keep your
5:18 am
lights or air conditioning on, you could skip a visa or master card payment but you will try to focus on the bills that matter and for the u.s. government to avoid technical default that means keeping bondholders happy and paying them. and it also means paying social security recipients, medicare recipients, our soldiers. then you have eaten up the $172 billion and that is the rub, what do you not pay? what do you postpone? i messages the fact that the default is really not a likelihood is i don't think it is. the government is not going to consider the possibility of not rewarding bondholders because that would right away trigger a downgrading can we could get anyway but it would really hit the full faith and credit of our united states and that is why you have seen treasury notes and bonds and i don't want to sound too boring, and i say that for
5:19 am
my show, but, that is why those prices have been going up. yields are coming down. because folks do not see that happening. >> so a shifting of priorities on the default side. >> pretty much. >>clayton: and what does it mean for norths and credit card payments, and balloon payment? >>neil: you cannot get away especially seeing how the circus is playing out without anyone saying you are not worthy of a aaa credit rating. i wonder how we have been able to get away with the aaa rating we have for years. having said that, it is fair to say that a downgrade if and when it comes would immediately hit credit and short-term securities that people buy in and out of the market every day, t-bills,
5:20 am
one year bills, and this sounds arcane but a lot of the bills are the ones, adjustable rate mortgages, are president peggedy would go up but why think as much as some fear. but you have a very, very slight wiggle room for the rates, slight uptick in any of them given the precarious state of housing would not be good. >>dave: it should be a lot for you to discover starting at 10:00 a.m. including barney frank and more. >>clayton: face book friends now banned in one state. now banned in one state. should thehost: could switchingo really save you 15% or more
5:21 am
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>>clayton: this debate has been happening in my house. sleeping with your child is not that bad. parents have wrestled with the idea and warned that co-sleeping with kids could result in behavioral issues. what is the truth? we have the author of "the inner pulse." doctor, nice to see you. this study from the american academy of pediatrics or otherwise, the study has said that it is okay. kids sleeping in the same bed you will not have a problem.
5:25 am
>>guest: this study is looking at kids from one to five because the american academy has said until the age of one it is not safe because of the risk of sides. but we have said what about after the age of one. the study says if they track 944 lower income kids and they found from one to aim five when they got to the age of five, if they shared a bed with their parents they did as well behaviorally with thinking, development, so this reassures parents would worry they could be affecting development of the kids. >>clayton: my co-host dave has said that because he has over the course of a few weeks at different times allowed the kids to get in bed with them, they live in a small apartment and you don't want to wake up the
5:26 am
babies and he says don't end up like me because now we have a daughter that randomly pops in. beyond the cognitive problem is there a codependency problem. >>guest: great we. i took me years to ween my kids out of coming to bed. is it the child initiating? the parent? is the child sick? the fact is, it depends on why the kid is in bed with you and it interferes where your life. can you not have a love life if your kid is there. a lot of good reasons not to have the kids sleeping with you not to mention the physical. >>clayton: this is the other side, is there a concern from sides? >>guest: i found that under the age of five the vast majority of kids who are injured are from falls like falling out of bed. so, i don't rollover on my kids but you have to keep that if
5:27 am
mind. maybe this is better news than we expected but physically, it depends how big the kid is. >>clayton: a c.i.a. agent brought a california king sized bed to accommodate the kid climbing in bed with you. >>guest: i'm getting a big bed, too. >>clayton: teachers and students cannot be facebook friends in a state. should the government make those decisions? we report. you decide. should donald trump jump back into the presidential race?
5:28 am
naturals from delicious, real ingredients with no artificial flavors or preservatives. naturals from purina cat chow. share a better life. energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy developement comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing decades of cleaner burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self contained well systems and using state of the art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment we are america's natural gas.
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5:31 am
>>dave: and more on the debt deal. mike huckabee, the former governor, will be here in a moment. how would he handle the debt mess? >>clayton: how does he feel after eating the entire prime rib? >> will he lead a dance party? but, first, headlines, in norway the man who committed the bombing and i'll shooting rampage may have had more targets he was plotting to attack. he has admitted to both the shooting and the bombing. the death toll from the massacre is up to 77, up one from the previous total. the latest victim died from sounds suffered from the shotting rampage as they hold the first funerals. this is video of a memorial for an 18-year-old killed on the
5:32 am
island. >> more than 100 helping to search for an 11-year-old who vanished from new hampshire five days ago. the small town praying for her safe return. >> we ask if you saw or know figure at all, please come forward, now. >> her stepfather discovered she was missing on tuesday among and he was arrested back in 2003 for threatening an ex-girlfriend and in voluntarily committed to a mental institution but he is not a suspect in the case right now. if you have any information, call police. >> new video from italy on this final day of testimony in the murder conviction of amanda knox. she got a victory when supreme court appointed experts said d.n.a. found at crime scene was unreliable and the judge could overtown the conviction and set her free. she and her boyfriend were found
5:33 am
guilty of murdering a british exchange student back in 2009. >> missouri teachers can not be "friends" online with students. the governor signed into a law a bill banning student and teacher friendship on all sites like facebook. there are too many loopholes and great areas to make such a plan coat ban, some say. >>clayton: and now governor huckabee, author of "a simple government." >>dave: there is nothing simple about this. >>clayton: the boehner bill squeaked by in the house of representatives and got tabled almost immediately. >>governor huckabee: we are at a point in the negotiations like a submarine, a number of pressures from the outside that have to be balanced from the pressures inside and if one is overwhelming, the submarine collapsed. we are close to the place where
5:34 am
the whole system collapsed. by that i mean external pressures, the public is sick and fed up and they want something done. that is intensifying and they don't care what the final deal looks like as much as quit fighting and resolve this so we are not in default and have a breakdown. from the inside, now you have all of internal pressures, democrats versus republicans, house versus senate and in the house, tea party versus establishment. all these pressures are building to a place where it will be that no one wins and even loses and that is why they need to resolve it. >>dave: speaker boehner is in a difficult position. does he cater to democrats and give up on 20, 30, 40, 50 republicans? if he does, does he survive as leaders of the house? how does it end in your opinion? >>governor huckabee: he has come out of this looking the leader. people can say what they want do but he has a very difficult
5:35 am
situation he as a complete senate against him and a house democratic bloc against him and a faction if his party who does not like what he is doing and he has the people would understand they have to govern. but he held it together better than people give him credit. >>clayton: does he represent the establishment? or does he represent or in the way of the future of the party which is the tea party? and in "politico" they say he is "limping," and the ahead of the tea party nation said boehner needs to go, a failure of leadership. >>governor huckabee: incorrect. a misunderstanding of how the process works. if anyone, john boehner is the head of the process. not necessarily the policy. the speaker's job is not so much to determine exactly what the policy is but to make sure the policy that gets consensus will be passed. that's his primary focus and job and when people expect him to be the tea party guy or the establishment guy they miss the
5:36 am
point. the speaker is the leader would makes sure that whatever, can be crafted, and put together, and that it can get done. republicans at this point could lose. but they have won because they changed the debate. they have reframed the game board so now we are talking about how much cut and how soon. before we were talking about how much more spending. so the game has changed. the republicans need to go to the end zone, low the ball and spike and declare victory. >> we got the numbers yesterday, and terrible economic numbers. >>governor huckabee: terrible, terrible, terrible. >> we talk about, what kind of person do we need leading the country? swing line donald trump? what is your feeling about him? >>governor huckabee: this week on my radio show i said we need someone who understands the
5:37 am
art of negotiation, art of a deal and i said half jokingly, maybe we need donald trump back, and that got pick up and the bloggers, yes, huckabee is saying donald trump but he would not handle this situation like obama, he would bring the parties together, and he would define what the parameters were and we would have had this deal done. >>dave: does bloomberg fit that? an independent candidate with business experience. >>guest: he would never sell out in the heartland of america, let him tell everyone they cannot own guns and keep them in the houses and he is for same-sex marriage and he would like abortion on demand, try and sell that. he has less of a chance as i would be of being named the next soviet premiere. >>clayton: and now what happened in ft. hood and why the
5:38 am
mainstream media is down playing what happened with naser jason abdo, the guy who went awol and was threatening to cause problem at ft. hood. >>governor huckabee: there is a political correct mantra in the media that you cannot say radical muslim but the truth is, the battle going on across the world for moments like this, is, really, about people who are fanatic muslims. are all muslims fanatic? no. the irony a guy to norway kills 77 people, and "new york times" splashes across the front page and calls him a "christian fundamentallallist," but there is no evidence he read the bible, went to church, believed in god had a relationship with jesus but he is a christian fundamentalist. >> but he wrote a 1,500 page manifesto. >>guest: anyone would has read one chapter of the new testament
5:39 am
and believes anything he did links to anything christian has obviously never read a page of the new testament. >>dave: more on the government and what he thinks of a gawker trying to out the c.i.a. agent who helped pursue bin bishop -- bin laden. rick? rick: and at ohio state fair you talk about remain -- talk about farming. farming, right, in ohio? >>guest: he ranks in the top ten in the states in several commodities. we grow over 200 food items in the state of ohio. rick: you are all about farming. you have to highlight everything you do. kids, a lot of kids come here, and you train kids on what they can do as a career. >>guest: this is the showcase for ohio agriculture and the ohio farm bureau and commodity
5:40 am
groups take this opportunity to put together an interactive connect where we can share with youngsters and their families what ohio agriculture is all about. in fact, where does your food come from? have a good time, interact with our ambassadors in the building, see puppies, baby chicks, why your food comes from and enjoy the ohio state fair. rick: people want to know where the food comes from? >>guest: this is a lot of interest in local food production and we do this add home, garden and landscaping and home care is a big thing and when the economy is tough we do more of these things at home. rick: if that has not sold you this could, you get to do a rock climbing wall on a big old ear of corn. that looks good. >> why aren't you doing that, rick? >> he slipped a disc.
5:41 am
>> we are back with governor huckabee and other big topics. a] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that's helpi drive the future of business.
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5:44 am
>> c.i.a. agent dozen their job without the expectation of fame or big paychecks but a website is trying to expose a particular agent that al qaeda would love to find, the one would tracked down bin laden. >> did they go too far? governor huckabee back with us to weigh in on this, trying to "out" the c.i.a. agent who helped find bin laden. why? >>governor huckabee: it is dangerous. and ridiculous and puts this person and his or her family in harm's way. i don't know why anyone, this is a level that borders on, i don't want to use the word, but borders on treason and puts an american in harm's way for serving this country for no purpose. >> how does this differ from, say, wikileaks? >>governor huckabee: it doesn't. you remember how much grief president obama and members of his administration particularly because of dick cheney over
5:45 am
valerie plame? that was scandal of scab dams because they shot she was leakedded as a c.i.a. operative but the left has two sets of rules, one pore republicans and one for themselves. it is okay if wikileaks does it, but if someone on the right were to do it, no, that would be an absolute 'rage. >> and the argument of downism that they are providing journalism and the american people have the right to know? remember, they are the ones who offered to pay for an iphone to "out" the iphone 4 and they got all kinds of heat and an f.b.i. investigation. >>governor huckabee: doesn't their name say it all "gawker," is that who you want to buy to your son's birthday party, a gawker, they look through your window at night when the shades are closed and looking for a crack.
5:46 am
does a person have a right to walk the sidewalk? yes. but to slip-up to your window and look for a little bit of light through your shade? no. that is where they is crossed the line. and gawker has. >>dave: the associated press may have had a hand in getting this rolling, but tonight on the show a lot to get into and obviously the debt deal is first and for most and part two of your interview with binyamin netanyahu. >>governor huckabee: we will talk about the security fence and interesting thing, it was controversial, universally hated across the world but here is what happened. they went from 1,000 murders of terrorist as year of innocent civilians in coffee shops and restaurants and stores to zero. we could learn something about border security from the israelis. and it is not as complicated as people think. >> we are seeing that now with the t.s.a. taking tips from israel on how we approach security at our airports. always great to see you.
5:47 am
>>dave: is that a yes-or-no on the debt ceiling being raised? >>governor huckabee: you do not have people thinking about the american people but thinks of their games of washington and that is why the people of the country are angry. you have people all over the board, good leaders, but i'm looking for president obama's face on a milk carton because he is missing in all of this and we need to see, where's the president? he is the one person would could have more impact and has had less because he is basically awol on us so, go to the grocery stores and see if his face is on a milk carton because we are looking for him to show up. >> and you have musical guests? >>governor huckabee: are you coming? i will play bass guitar and provide you the necessary foundation to dance. this will be a momentous
5:48 am
television indication. it will be terrific. >>dave: on record. a mother of triplets is missing and her ex-cop husband is the focus of the disappearance. go to®. and let the good guys save the day.
5:49 am
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>>dave: a few quick headlines. the u.s. treasury could take a back out of the apple corporation as the government struggles to make a deal to increase the debt ceil the treasury is down to $74 billion.
5:52 am
and apple has $76 billion! that amount of cash on hand, apple more than our country. and 26 assault rifle stolen from a california military base. some have been arrested and some try fowls have been involved but others are still loose. authorities fear they could be sold on the black market. >> thank you, dave. they have defended this country, put their lives on the line for freedom and a military couple is in a fight for their child's light, the two captains gave birth 16 months ago, but he was born with a syndrome with end stage renal failure and he needs a kidney transplant to survive. joining us is united states marine corps pilot and former air force pilot and their son,
5:53 am
liam. >> i have a feeling he is not happy to be up so early. we apologize, liam. tell us about the syndrome. tell us what that is? >>guest: well, the sin dream, there is a known cause but it has just varying degrees of bladder issues and kidney issues, and sometimes heart and lung issues and g.i. issues but he is lucky because his is moderate for everything but the kidneys. the kidneys are the weakest point for him and they start at 36 percent and now are at 5 percent. >> is there potential -- what is the ultimate cost if you do not -- if you don't get help with the kidney transplant, what would happen?
5:54 am
ocean well, you know, if we didn't have any help, his kidney function would end up going flat line zero and dialysis would have to work overtime and we would be stuck and everyone knows the end result. >> how much money do you need for this? >>guest: well, we are currently accruing quite a debt that we have been accruing since he was born but acceptly since october of last year, and a hard number i would say probably in the ballpark of $110,000 to $125,000 will be the end stage of this trance laboratory and he will face additional transplants for the rest of his life. and whatever we raise new will stick with him for life to help with transplant costs in the future. >> are you looking for someone to dough nature a kidney? >>guest: absolutely, yes, that
5:55 am
would be the biggest gift we could receive if we could find a perfect match that would be great. >> what can people who are watching this, what can they do to help out? >>guest: well, we have a strong volunteer base here in san diego and up in idaho it has been great but folks out there that might be willing to help, donation any sort is great, and if they have any fundraising ideas, that would be great, and, of course, the most precious gift of life would be incredible and if they visited our website for liam they would see links to contact ucla children's transplant. >> and, also, on "fox & friends" you can find out how to help. liam is not too happy to be up so early but he is usually a happy child. tell us about him. what is so special? >>guest: he is always happy, we look up to him as pains and
5:56 am
we are proud because despite everything he has been through he always puts a smile on his faith and just has the best attitude. >> not this morning, but we understand. i feel your pain. >> i don't think he has ever been woken up this early. >> thank you for joining us today. and, again, you can go on to "fox & friends" to find out more information. they need a significant amount of money if you can help out all the wonderful folks that want our show we really, really, do need your help. we appreciate it. give him a kiss for me.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
rush limbaugh wants the right to know. >> i want to say something to you conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. >> juliet: we know how rush eels, how do the democrats fe? are they willing to compromise or back to square one. instead of being sorry he screamed down the name of the fort hood suspect. how was this guy allowed in the military? shocking. and it's happened once again, two passenger planes colliding on the runway. details on what happened straight ahead we're reporting every weekend on this. "fox & friends" our four starts right now. ♪ >> it is one of the hottest
6:01 am
days on railroaded in washington d.c. yesterday. >> and it's going to be hot all weekend. >> it is. >> hot air blowing left and right all over the place and last night if you were just waking up and curious what happened on friday night, well, that boehner bill did pass. 218 votes because the balanced budget amendment was added to the deal and that was enough for many tea party members to come and join on board and 87 tea party members, some of them not just fresh. >> that's right. 11 of the 22 no votes were freshmen and sent over to the senate and the senate tabled the bill almost immediately and they said we're not going to have a vote, going to table it and not discuss it. harry reid's bill. well, we think we'll be voted on in the senate at some point perhaps as early as 1 a.m. on sunday at one o'clock p.m. today in the house. and they will vote on an identical twin bill to the harry reid senate bill and you
6:02 am
all know what will happen there, it will get shot down and where do we all stand? god only knows. listen to john boehner, the house speaker. >> i stuck my neck out a mile and i put revenues on the table. and in order to try to come to agreement to avert us being where we are. but a lot of people in this town can never say yes. >> it is time for the the administration and time for our colleagues across the aisle, put something on the table! >> tell us where you are. >> whenever we talk to people who come on the show, everybody seems to think that despite all this have going on, most people, most folks, most experts say there will be some sort of deal struck and that's why i think americans think is it a dog and pony show? what's going on here. >> we're waiting until the 11th hour to try do everything first before they finally make a decision. >> they'll wait until the 12th hour. >> will they promise?
6:03 am
if there was a 12th hour, harry reid thinks they need to compromise. >> our economy hangs on the balance and for the first time in the history of our country, unless there is a compromise or they have accept my bill we're headed tore economic disaster. it's time for republicans to step forward, it's time to have a compromise, that's what the american people want and what we need to do. >> that was after his cell phone started ringing incessantly and everybody tried to turn it off. >> dave: it's interesting because harry reid and the democrats say compromise is what the american people want. all i'm hearing from on fast book, twitter, e-mail, people do not want compromise. there are a large portion of meshes many of out there don't want compromise are happy with the 22 no votes on the john boehner bills and we talked to one of the no votes. tom from georgia and laid out their stance why they don't like the bill. >> we hear compromise, compromise, compromise.
6:04 am
compromise is what's gotten us in the mess we're in. the conversation i'm worried about having is eight to ten years from now, my daughter looks at me, what did you do. what did you do on my watch, the question i'm preparing to answer and what i'm preparing today and we owe it to the children today. >> juliet: maybe he got a call from rush limbaugh. >> dave: if you listened to show. >> clayton: he says you can be proud, conservatives, because the tea party is putting the country over party interests. and he had this to say on the radio, take a listen. >> i want to say something to you conservatives out there. i want to tell you how damn proud of you i am. because you made this happen. the conservative intelligence, the conservative so-called media inside the beltway would have accepted anything,
6:05 am
yesterday, the day before, last night. would have accepted anything that boehner put forth because they are operating out of fear, fear of being blamed. >> primarily, but fear of other things. the age old fears. the fears rooted in the mentality of being consistent, constant losers. >> it's not that black and white. wall street journal claiming at that time tea party are debt hobbits and hindered speaker boehner going forward and so there's not a lot of agreement on that point. >> dave: i thought it was interesting, governor huckabee a moment ago he said tea party folks on the right have won, reframed the debate and changed the rules in d.c. and we're talking how much we should cut spending and not whether we should or not and that they've won regardless what the deal is in the house or senate. >> a lot of americans writing
6:06 am
in as you mentioned facebook and twitter, saying where is the president on this? where is the president on this? we know his approval ratings are sinking, sinking and information like yesterday's economics news came out. not good news. >> clayton: we know where the tea party stands on this, but don't know where the president stands. >> any word for the white house on all of the plans. we'll keep our eyes on it, the first of the headlines. >> fox news alert. caribbean airlines plane crashed in guyana and broken in half. 140 passengers on board and everybody, thankfully made it out alive. several people were hurt and no word how badly. the plane overshot the 7 had00 foot runway while landing and took off from new york. the soldier accused of plotting a second fort hood massacre held without bond. he yelled out, quote, nadle haz hassan, fort hood 2009
6:07 am
that left 14 people kennedy. sergeant payton went through training with him and noticed early warning signs. >> very early on, he began to be a problem. it was obvious to me personally and to many others in our platoon, he would promote conflict. he would incessantly proselytize. >> the 21-year-old muslim was arrested with his backpack and police and the army say he admitted hatching a plot. >> and no word why the planes were clipping wings at o'hare airport. no one was hurt and passenger were taken off the plane and inspected the damage, which wound up being minimal. all other passengers were put on another flight. there's another royal wedding at edinburgh scotland as
6:08 am
looking live, queen elizabeth's granddaughter sarah phillips a marrying english rugly star, a private ceremony with no cameras inside the church. among those in attendance, prince william and kate whose wedding was broadcast live to the world, i don't know if you caught this, might have seen it, i noticed it. >> on cable. >> one of america's heroes hits the jackpot, staff sergeant tim coates won a million bucks from a scratch off lottery ticket he bought at a nationals baseball game and he just got back from iraq. this win will help him and also his wife to pay for their hoenl. >> a month ago it was hard to know if we could afford a fence and now we can help out the shelter where we rescued our dogs. >> and he's a smart guy, he
6:09 am
snapped a photo of the lottery ticket on the iphone, if case he loses it, and proof he owns it. >> and your meteorologist, chief leader this morning at the ohio state fair. but this time he's not eating pig, he's racing it. >> i'm not racing the pig. you know, and apparently what they want, our camera guy bob here, going to see if they're as quick as the pig and see who is the fastest. all right, ham bone, let him go. >> oh! >> why does that happen? racing pigs. >> what a cliff hanger. >> technical difficulties there wasn't a rigging with the race. >> it's the giant pig in the sky that cut the satellite and didn't want to see the pigs racing. we'll try to get the video. >> dave: oh, man, that hurts. we're going to try to get the pig racing for you. >> juliet: maybe they're upset with us, barbecuing.
6:10 am
>> clayton: you know what it is? we had john mcelmore cooking up pig all day, maybe he cut the transmission. >> dave: good try, rick. coming up next, junior high school students getting drug tested in school, is it prop? hear what parents are saying. >> a mother of tripplets goes missing and her ex-cop husba husband-- and judge jeanine is next. >> and senator jerry moran, why he says speaker boehner's bill is the only choice for getting our spending under control. ♪ ♪ coming together right now h, forgot jack cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one!
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6:13 am
>> welcome back. capitol hill, a deadlock on the debt limits. the republicans passing a bill in the house only t.o. an immediately tabled in the senate. and democrats pointing the finger, squarely the a the g.o.p. >> republicans are blocking their ability to compromise. they're doing, they're refusing to negotiate with us and all they do is talk and it's time for us to be adults.
6:14 am
that's what the american people want. >> dave: so how will republicans respond in joining us is republican senator from the great state of kansas, senator moran, thanks for being with us. >> good to be with you. >> would you have voted yes on the john boehnerer bill and what's the message to those who voted no and no compromise whatsoever? >> well, i certainly think we've got to come to an agreement and today is totally predictable and unfortunately what happens around washington d.c., you create the crisis so that there's no choice, but to-- for people to concede some of their points. and obviously in the big country we live in, with the different points of view and philosophies, there's got to be give and talk, but in my view, and i outlined my position, march 22nd in a letter to president obama saying i will not vote to raise the debt ceiling in the absence of substantial reductions in spending, and, and structural changes so we
6:15 am
don't get back in this mess once again. >> to dave's question on voting for the boehner bill and added the balanced budget amendment and many senators came out against it as well and lindsey graham came out against the boehner bill earlier in the week. was it a poison pill putting in the balanced budget amendment. >> the balanced budget caused me to vote, and i think it reached the conclusion that balanced budget is important. to my point. we've got to have structural debate and have this year after year after year with no change in the condition our country is in. while i voted not to table the bill, i'm a supporter of cut, cap and balance and a fourth component. grow the economy and when it comes over from the house, it's only the house that's been able to pass any legislation here, not the senate, not harry reid, no
6:16 am
proposals from the president, so, it comes over, cut, cap and balance, tabled. last night, tabled once again, this latest proposal that includes a balanced putting amendment and it seems very, i'm incredit dues that they would claim that they, that the democrats would claim there's no effort on the part of republicans to come together when they're the ones that stabled every piece of legislation and we've watched the house struggle to pass anything. so, in my view, this is the role-- >> as you know, senator, it will not get through the senate and anything with a balanced budget will not get through the senate and president won't sign it either. what can pass through the senate. >> that's what will be worked out and trying to be did he recalled today. i know where my position is, and we have to have something substantial and structural to get me to vote for-- >> the mcconnell, we're hearing is that the reid plan would be coupled with the
6:17 am
mcdonnell plan and other cuts as well and constituency war spending as well. and would you vote for at that plan? >> i think that everybody including spending, defense spending has to be on the tabling and we are in my opinion not to the point where there's a proposal out there that i would vote for and one of the problems while we walk were reductions in spending, it's reductions in spending over ten years and we need to dramatically affect spending today. not only do we need to be on the path, but we need to demonstrate that we're going to cut spending today and many of us are concerned that when you have ten years of spending cuts, they never materialize, so we've got a real problem in convincing many of us that there is something of substance here to get this accomplished, but members of the senate and house have different thresholds as this country tries to figure out what the right answer to this question is and again, i'm certainly willing to have the discussion, i want to be in the room.
6:18 am
i don't want to take anything totally off the table, so that i can participate and advocate on behalf of what i told kansas i believe in, and what most kansas agrees with. >> dave: a long way to go in the house and senate and we appreciate it. >> thank you very much. >> clayton: a 11-year-old girl disappears overnight and police have few clues to work with. what could have happened to selena? what could have happened it her. judge jeanine is on the case. >> and an american idol? no, find out what he thinks about the reality show singers? it's not good. ♪ premiering the revolution by lg. the newest release with verizon 4g lte. the first phone pre-loaded with access to netflix's massive movie library.
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6:22 am
>> 6:21 out west, some quick headlines, they've been kept secret for 26 years to prison nixon's watergate testimony will go public. the judge ordered it transcript should be released after it was sued for access. the government can choose to appeal. american idol is one of the highest rated shows on tv the not everyone is a fan. jerry lewis bashed idol and reality shows, quote, the kids who are on american idol they're all mcdonald's wipeouts, they worked there and now doing reality tv. ouch. i'm a pick stevie fan. >> juliet: so am i, jeanine was horrified by the story. there's a frantic search for a 11-year-old new hampshire girl, celina cass, seen on her
6:23 am
computer in her bedroom and nowhere to be found. they're following hundreds of tips and clues, where will the search go from here. the justin with judge jeanine pirro, that is. >> hello. >> juliet: good morning, this is an interesting case because initially she's 11 years old and may be running away. that's pretty young for a child to run away. that's a young age. >> in addition to that juliet there are no indications that she's talked about it, that she wanted to do it. here is what you have. you have a 11-year-old missing, no signs of abduction, no sign of her running away. no signs of a struggle. and, but, then what you do, is go to her computer and law enforcement seized the computer as you do in these cases to try to figure out if there's someone she met online and had a rand view with online and dangerous, and dangerous, her facebook page apparently was open. what you've got now are
6:24 am
hundred people, state, local, federal and canadian mounted police doubled the number of law enforcement within 24 hours, what does that tell you? that tells me they think she's still alive and that's why they're moving as quickly and of course-- >> why do you think that? >> because if they thought it was just a rescue at this point, that she could not actually be found, then i don't know that they would bring in so many people. right now, everyone in the town pretty much has been spoken to, a town of about 800 people and now they've spoken to her friends and there's no sense of where she went and they're trying to figure out, did someone take her. so you look at the family. that father, a lot of problems, paranoid schizophrenic, relatives of his who are sexual predators. so, if you remember that case from florida, john cooey, you know, that young girl was alive for a few days before she was buried alive. so, you know, you've got law enforcement in high gear for good reason because she may still be alive, god willing.
6:25 am
>> juliet: what's your gut telling you? >> my gut is telling me within the next few days we'll know something. >> juliet: jackie waller, similar in some ways to the scott peterson, drew peterson-- >> the husband is a person of interest. clay waller, was the last seen, mother of triplets, they had a fight. he says she walked out of his house and never saw her again. >> juliet: they were in the process of divorcing. >> divorcing, and she wanted the divorce and he didn't. she said to family and friends, he's going to kill me. my husband waii have 30 days, 2 days, and the husband, person of interest flipping the bird to people searching for his wife and he is an individual. on my show tonight talk about the fact that he has a history with another woman. and you have to watch my show to watch, you know, what's
6:26 am
going on with this guy. but drew peterson, also, they're saying that a court ruled that his threats to his third wife, kathleen savio who was drown is not admissible. what goes on in consumers, almost like you hide the truth. you'll investigate this on your show, justice with judge jeanine, and a repeat at midnight. you're looking lovely. >> as do you, thank you. >> juliet: junior high students getting drug tested and about this, jeanine, is this the best place, drug testing, junior high kids. what do you have to say about this one. judgmenting your bathroom is one of the best ways to add value to your home. trust me on that one. home depot looks at upgrades inside your own casa. ♪ ♪ singing sweet home alabama
6:27 am
all summer long ♪ well-being. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat with a full family of excellent nutrition and helpful resources. purina cat chow. share a better life.
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6:30 am
. . >> clayton: welcome back to "fox & friends," your shot of the morning, ladies. an epic online battle. fabio versus isaiah for the title of best old spice spokesman, who won? turps out the old, old spice guy is the favorite. hmmm. i should feel your happiness and as the old spice guy. >> oh. >> here. >> hold this for me. >> (laughter) >> it was taken out of context. the winner. >> all of those commercials are out of contest and look at me, i'm on a horse and random. it's very funny.
6:31 am
>> juliet: i love fabio. >> clayton: mustafa won. because of that social media campaign with mew safa, old spice's profits skyrocketed. >> juliet: do you use old spice. >> clayton: i do, all the deodorant is old spice. >> dave: and turning to our old spice man, peter doocy. >> juliet: young spice. >> dave: what the heck is happening on capitol hill. the house with one about bill. senate with one bill and votes happening at 1 a.m., give us-- >> and old spice. >> reporter: no, congress is coming back to work this afternoon and the house at noon and senate at one and the senate is going to be keeping an eye on. our best bet is if a deal is made in time before the deadline, today should be the day. should. if they come it a compromise look for harry reid to kill his own plan, that shared sacrifice resolution and bring the boehner bill back to life even though he would like to gut it. make things easier for him,
6:32 am
procedurally, now, the house is going to consider a version of reid's bill today and the house republicans are likely to debate it and then kill that one, but again, the big action is going to be in the senate today. republican john kyl sounds hopeful that something can get done. >> republicans believe we must solve our debt crisis and webl week solve it no one can get everything we want and can't solve our problems at once, but surely, we can reach an agreement that will increase the debt ceiling and impose accountability and begin reducing the size of our federal government. >> president obama also hopeful, but also critical of republican members of congress. listen. >> here in washington, we need to get our house in order. and i have to say, democrats in congress and some senate republicans have been listening and have shown themselves willing to make compromise to solve this crisis. all of us, including the in
6:33 am
the house of representatives, need to demonstrate the same responsibility the american people show every day. >> votes on this are expected sometime tomorrow although final passage through both house ifs a deal is made, likely won't come until monday or tuesday, of course, the last day before this deadline. guys. >> and live for us in the hottest city in the united states this morning, washington d.c. or close, anyway. >> quite literally. all righty, now it headlines. signs that the two american hikers in prison in iran could soon be released. the charges of espionage is set to start tomorrow. and their lawyer says the fact that it coincides with the anniversary, two years of their arrest. there's a tradition of pardoning prisoners in the month of ramadan, which starts next week. a rally in new york, and among the attendees, sore a shourd
6:34 am
who was in prison with them before they released her. the island shooting rampage may have had more targets he was plotting to attack. ande anders bravic, admitted to the shooting and bombings, one up from the previous total, and the latest victim died from injuries on the island. as they held the first funerals for the victims of the attack. determining if a body in a well is the missing mom tanna fay lynn. she disappeared from her home in georgia and police arrested her husband james lynn on charges of obstructing judges and expect today face murder charges and the court said he sent a cryptic text message to a relative that day, on the day she disappeared urging them to take care of her kids. >> and rifles stolen from a california military base, police made arrests though in the atf says some of the
6:35 am
rifles have been recovered, but some suspects are still on the loose and authorities fear the rifles could be sold on the black market. they're just 6th, 7th and 8th graders, check it out. a new jersey middle school will start drug testing students in the fall the and the testing is voluntary, but the issue is dividing parents in the town belvedere. >> it's a shame. they're 11. i don't think they should be drug tested this young after age. listen, kids are doing that i wasn't doing when i was in 6th grade. i don't think it's too early. >> a lot of folks have been weighing in on this and dustin says we can't afford to keep the ban going, but trust testing for america. however,awny in tennessee says i think if there is probable cause, drug testing should be conducted no matter what the age of the student. and those are the age-- those are your headlines.
6:36 am
>> clayton: keep weighing in on that. >> juliet: please do. >> clayton: and ff weekend, twitter address there. we promised earlier we'll go to the ohio state fair and reichmuth is trying to give this a second try with the pigs race. have we got the pigs in order, rick? >> i think we're ready, we had technical difficulties on the pig races and pork chop here, i assume that's not your full name? >> that's just my show name. >> reporter: all right, pork shop you run the petting zoo and pig races. >> yes, sir. >> and you call the pig races, this is a legit business. >> yes, they are. >> these guys are getting ready. do you have names? >> yes, they do, we've got arnold schwartz-pigger, we've got ham if i, and david letterham and the last one hamma montana and ham bone
6:37 am
there. ham bone is getting them right there. >> pork shop and ham bone. >> yes, sir, we go five times a day. >> okay, are you guys ready for this? >> yes, sir as soon as we gets the number on and the end of the bugle these guys will be out. >> you're going to call the the race. >> yes. >> get ready everybody. and they're off! >> here comes number 3, turnabout, number 2, 4, coming up on the outside rail and it's going to be number 2! >> oh, number two. and we had a little piggy back going on. >> i think he's looking all right, number two was the winner. >> is there a special prize? >> they get an iced oatmeal cookie. >> a cookie for the guy he did a good job this time and didn't fall. there you go. that was the big race and outside to you at home depot. >> dave: i thought you were
6:38 am
going to say from pig to a camera hog. i'll do that for you. thank you, rick. if you're looking to redo your bathroom, it's good news, doesn't take three, four months and doesn't cost 4, 5,000 if you go to home depot. mike cartozza is how to do it quickly and energy efficient. a lot of options. >> if you think about it, you start every day of your life in the bathroom. if you've got an old outdated bathroom and oh, i hate this room. it's starting every day and simple thing to do. you can have an effect in your bathroom redoing the entire bathroom you can do simple things, changing out the hard wears and paint the walls. >> dave: and pretty simple. >> what, paint the walls. >> dave: replacing a vanity. >> you can do the whole vanity, you can change the knobs, it's in good shape, simple things to make it look different and fresher to help the feel of the room. right now at home depot we
6:39 am
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6:40 am
at that go with it, you don't have to worry about that. and for this one, you get the vanity, you get the mirror and the counter top. a 499 value, only 199 right now. great prices. >> dave: incredible. >> and to your point earlier, you can put in energy efficient fixtures, we've got a water sense faucet. what that means the government has a program, 20% more efficient than other faucets. you get that logo, you won't notice the difference in the performance. >> not low flow. >> you can't tell the difference. >> dave: tell bus this one here. >> savannah vanity. you get the counter p top, the vanity, the mirror, you can see that these are full extension drawers, it doesn't come out halfway, get to all of you stuff, on the inside. >> dave: those junk drawers in the bathroom. >> thaekt. 249, 99 during this event. >> dave: 99. >> 99. this is not part after collection, but we also have separate van tis in case you
6:41 am
don't find a collection you like, a separate vanity and you can lye all of the items separately, and if you want the whole collection, done, you like it, get that or you can pick and choose and change out some of the features that you don't like about it, but it helps you to take the step and put together a collection and helps you make the decision what's right for you, you don't know. >> dave: and it changes the entire value of the home. the event going out on home what's coming up. >> thanks, dave. coming up the mainstream media hammered the fact that the norway shooter is a christian and the fort hood copy cat is a muslim. >> juliet: and first things exploration to ending shuttle programs and now we look at libya? what's coming up next.
6:42 am
ambassador john bolton is coming up next. [ male announcer ] walls can talk. but it's our job to make them say something interesting. so how about this weekend we learn some new tricks of the trade... then break out our doing clothes and get rolling. let's use some paint that helps us get the job done in record time and makes a statement when we're finished. we're lowering the cost of a new favorite color. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. take your painting skills to the next level at one of our free paint workshops. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans,
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends," last week's landing
6:45 am
of the space shuttle atlantis put an end to the u.s. prm. now the u.s. astronauts will have to hitch a ride with the russians and we learned that the russians want today get rid of the space station. and land down on that and now we're turning to russia for more, looking to the kremlin about libya now. and former ambassador to the united nations, john bolton. nice to see you, mr. be ambassador, welcome to the show as usual. >> glad to be with you. >> you say that this would damage the reputation of the united states and n.a.t.o., basically turning the keys over to russia to handle what's going on in libya? how so? >> well, this whole n.a.t.o. operation in libya is it going very bad, very badly. we're in the 5th month of the military assault to get rid of gaddafi. he's still there. in fact, there's now turmoil in the rebel side and a top military leader assassinate bide his own bodyguard and
6:46 am
reports of internal hostilities, in benghazi among the rebels and at this point for president obama and secretary clinton to invite russia to mediate between our alliance and libyans really is giving the russians an opportunity that just boggles the mind to think about. >> dave: i'm confused here, ambassador. i remember the russians criticizing the united states through the process and now we're turning the keys over to the folks who are criticizing us the entire time? >> precisely, the russians, chinese and others abstained on the resolution that touched this off and make it go very clear, throughout, as you indicate. they don't like what n.a.t.o.'s been doing, so even if you believe that mediation was the right way to go, whatever happened to countries like sweden or switzerland to let them mediate? the real point, however, having launched n.a.t.o. in this operation, for n.a.t.o. to fail to get rid of gaddafi, which is on the verge of doing, will be a huge defeat for the united states, for the
6:47 am
alliance, not just in north africa and the middle east, but around the world. and the other question about these regimes, obviously, trying to oust one rogue regime led by gaddafi. they're concerned turning the keys over to russia and our backs on libya we wind up with another rowing regime. there are bad possibilities and british and frens said publicly they could accept the situation where gaddafi steps down, but stays in the country. reports are the u.s. has supported that behind the scenes. that's just a prescription for more fighting. so you could have either gaddafi replaced by another terrorist regime or you could have chaos in the space in libya that allows terrorist groups like al-qaeda to use it as a base for operation. this is a massive failure by the united states. even though i think we had perfectly good grounds to oust gaddafi, we have not done so and it looks worse and worse by the day.
6:48 am
that we're not going to be able to accomplish that. >> clayton: it's hard to believe we're in the fifth month of this. it was not suppose today take this long at all. ambassador bolten, always great to see you, enjoy you weekend. >> thank you. >> clayton: why is the mainstream media hiding the fact that this man was a muslim antrum petting the fact that the norway bomber was a christian? and president obama, how they run things there so they have no debt at all. and more cash in the bank than the u.s. treasury. ♪ [ mom ] one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love.
6:49 am
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>> headlines, news into the news room from edinburgh, prince harry and kate arriving for the wedding of sara phillips. and a bite out of the apple, the tech giant apple, that is, currently has 76 billion dollars in cash, compared to 74 billion for the u.s. treasury. . >> dave: he admitted creating a deadly plot killing americans at the fort hood army base. awol soldier spoke openly about his muslim faith and how it impacted his relationship with the u.s. army.
6:53 am
>> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> dave: so if his muslim faith is such a big part of his life, why is the mainstream media leaving it out of their reporting? the author of left turn how the liberal media bias distorts the american behinds, excuse me. good morning to you, gentlemen. >> thanks, good morning to you. >> dave: is this being downplayed in the mainstream media? >> yes, it is, especially if you compare that story to the norway shooter or bomber, very quick, the mainstream media very quick to point out that the norway guy is a christian and slow to point out the fort hood guy is a muslim. >> dave: something from the new york times, private abdo gained national attention last summer when he refused to deploy with his unit to afghanistan and insisting his muslim faith prevented him from serving.
6:54 am
if in fact the mainstream media is down playing this, why? >> i think it's just political correctness, the fact we know about media bias, if you poll washington corresponds who you voted for last election, 93% of them will say the democrats, not only is that liberal. turns out the congressional district that contains berkley, california voted 9-10. by that measure, news rooms are just, are even more liberal than berkley, california whose political correctness, i think is down playing that. >> dave: we should mention that the new york times sentence is the only mention of his muslim faith. came way down the story, around the 9th paragraph. here are the headlines, here is one about the fort hood situation, soldier held amid claim of terro and look at the r headline, what happened in
6:55 am
norway, hoarse emerge, norway charges christian extremist, if on one hand there's an effort to downplay the muslim faith being involved in the terrorist situationings, why would there be an effort to increase the attention on the right wing-- if in fact he's a christian, why would that be the goal of-- >> well, i think it's just the the nature of the news room, that they're all left wing, it's not in vogue to be christian and some reason, i can't quite understand it with you sympathetic to be with muslims and i think that's what's going on. >> dave: we want to hear from you folks. do you think that the mainstream media is ignoring the story. and tim, the author of "left turn, how liberal media bi bias"". >> thanks, tim. >> thanks.
6:56 am
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man 1: only if he's ready to rock! ♪ sfx: guitar and trumpet jam vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop. [ male announcer ] if you find a lower rate on a room you've booked, we won't just match it. we'll give you $50 towards your next trip. [ gnome ] it's go time. >> all right. john mcelmore is here, his new book "dag gone, it's good".
6:59 am
>> neil: i need to practice that. >> you've been cooking up all sorts of things, mack and cheese, and prime rib and a lot of people want to know what goes into a fried oreo. >> take your favorite pancake batter and we use aunt jemima and dip the oreos, we used vanilla and deep fry up a minute on both sides and the cookie comes out soft, gooey and it is some of the best dad gum oreo's you'll eat. >> and you want a fried oreo, want a fried oreo, yeah, you want it over here, give it a shot. >> there it is. >> there it is. >> how is it? >> thumbs up? >> and more on the after the show show john will be frying up more stuff and ingredients in seafood and plus what goes into the incredible mac and cheese and people ask where can we get the bo

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